All marketing professionals encouraged to come!

  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Understand Key Marketing Metrics & KPIs
  • Best Practices for Data Visualization
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Addressing Management's Concerns and Questions
  • Case Studies & More

About the Presenter:

Christopher Collier is a results-driven marketing and business leader with a proven track record of driving substantial growth and revenue for organizations.

With a strong focus on demand generation and digital marketing, his ability to, create, plan, and execute marketing strategies has brought success to multiple private equity-backed organizations on his way to two successful exits.

As a self-professed data nerd, his reliance on data-driven insights serves as the cornerstone for making informed decisions throughout his professional journey.

From Data to Drama

Presenting Marketing’s Thrilling Tale to Management

By harnessing Google’s advanced analytics tracking capabilities, we demonstrate how management gains a holistic view of customer behavior, enabling them to optimize marketing efforts, enhance user experiences, and drive sustainable growth. Learn about the analytics update and how to tell your customer’s story!

When: February 28, 2024
Begins at: 12
p.m. PST
Where: Zoom
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February 28, 2024

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