Through this hands-on workshop, Erik Ralston, co-founder and CTO of, will walk you through how to use a handful of AI tools to draft, revise, condense, and create. You'll learn best practices in writing prompts for AI, creative ways to maximize efficiencies in your workflows, and overall, gain new insights into what is possible through AI tools.

About Erik Ralston
Erik Ralston is co-founder and CTO of, a platform that empowers communication professionals to cultivate thriving, vibrant cultures through innovative audio and video communications solutions. Through his career, Ralston has built software as service products that grew from zero to $50 million in annual recurring revenue, scaled out enterprise platforms from zero to 1 million monthly active users, and led engineering teams through outages and a global pandemic. He has two decades of experience in software, including building large-scale distributed systems for next-generation finance, government IT, mobile apps for startups, and enterprise software as service products for global audiences. He also holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Washington State University and has been a key technical leader in innovative products with recognition from Gartner and Forrester.

AI for Communications | Hands-on workshop: Putting AI to work

Develop your AI prompt-writing skills and get practical knowledge of how to use AI for general communication deliverables.

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When: May 23, 2024
Begins at: 01
p.m. PST
Where: Richland Public Library

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May 23, 2024

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